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Coronado Yacht Club
Juniors Handbook

1631 Strand Way Coronado, California 92118 USA | Phone: 619-435-0522 | Email: jroffice@coronadoyc.org

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CYC Junior Constitution And By-Laws

At the Annual Meeting of Dec. 1947, there was established a Junior Division of the Coronado Yacht Club which should function as a separate unit within the Parent Organization, being guided by the Senior Club’s Constitution and By-Laws. This Junior Club was formed to give impetus to our Junior Fleet through allowing them to run their own affairs.

A board of Governors from the Senior Club acts in an advisory capacity but in no way endeavors to run the Junior Club.

Constitution and By- Laws:

    • Each year in November, Jr. Officers of the Club shall be appointed, to consist of a Jr. Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and Fleet Captains for Sabot A, Sabot B, Sabot C, Laser, 420, 29er and Jr. Anglers Fleets. After a full term of office, Jr. Commodores on retiring shall rank as Staff Junior Commodores.
    • These Officers shall constitute a Board of Directors who will have a voice in the affairs of the Junior Division; subject only to such necessary conditions the Senior Club may impose.
    • A governing committee, appointed by the Senior Club, and consisting of a minimum of four senior members shall act to assist the Jr. Program, with ex-officio capacity to attend all meetings, but without the power to vote. They shall not interfere with the Junior Division’s activities unless called upon to do so by either the Senior or Junior Commodores or Jr. Director only offering their services where needed for maintaining sound and progressive policies.
    • All members will abide by the rules of the Coronado Yacht Club, and shall be privileged to have one representative at the Senior Board meetings without power to vote.
    • The Junior Division shall act at all times in harmony with the Senior Club, and in compliance with yachting traditions.
    • All Junior Members shall be eligible for membership, together with all sons and daughters under the age of twenty-one, of Senior Members.
    • Yacht races shall be planned by the Junior Committee to take place on Saturdays or on any other suitable day that will not interfere with the Senior Club schedule.
    • Whenever a club boat is chartered the one held responsible by the owner shall be the captain of the boat, whether he or she handles the tiller or acts as one of the crew.
    • No races shall be allowed for a monetary consideration.
    • No one shall be allowed to partake in any sailing activities unless he or she can swim at least fifty yards, and wears a suitable life jacket when near the water.
    • Junior Board of Directors duties are to be determined by Junior Program Director and include Opening Day festivities, fundraisers, work parties and social events.