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Coronado Yacht Club
Juniors Handbook

1631 Strand Way Coronado, California 92118 USA | Phone: 619-435-0522 | Email: jroffice@coronadoyc.org

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How to Keep Boats Clean

After Every Sail

  1. Rinse and hand-wash hull, inside and out.
  2. Rinse all gear.
  3. Carefully store gear in gear bag and out of the sun.


Once a Month

  1. Wash boat thoroughly with biodegradable degreaser and water and 3m white scrub pad to remove dirt.
  2. Inspect Boat. Write down "work list" repairs or improvements needed.
  3. Make repairs.


Once Every Three Months

  1. Clean boat with biodegradable degreaser and 3M scrub pad.
  2. Polish boat with Star-Brite polish with Teflon. www.starbrite.com
  3. Polish mast with Turtle wax car wax.
  4. Inspect all bolts, nuts, lines, tiller, rudder, leeboard and boom carefully for items that may potentially come apart or break.


Once Every Six Months

  1. Clean boat thoroughly with biodegradable degreaser to remove wax build-up.
  2. Remove scuffmarks with acetone solvent.
  3. Fix dings with West System epoxy resin.
  4. Re-apply Star-Brite polish with Teflon.