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Coronado Yacht Club
Juniors Handbook

1631 Strand Way Coronado, California 92118 USA | Phone: 619-435-0522 | Email: jroffice@coronadoyc.org

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To provide encouragement, incentives, and an easy measurement of advancement we have created the CYC Sailing Achievement Certification program. There are three (3) levels from the initial Bronze Sail fundamental level, through the Silver Sail intermediate level, then onto the Gold Sail level, performance boat handling.

Bronze Level I and Level II fundamentals

These initial stages cover the fundamental skills included in the Learn to Sail program curriculum. It provides immediate rewards for sailors and a means for instructors to determine what gaps need to be filled in a beginning sailor’s knowledge.

Silver Sail intermediate

As the next step into intermediate sailing, this includes more advanced terminology and skills that prove to be a great challenge for sailors. These terms, skills, and knowledge are a foundation for subsequent learning.

Gold Sail performance boat-handling

This level really starts to focus on refining previously learned skills. More focus is placed upon getting the most from the boat during maneuvers and an introduction to racing.